Server Room & Data Center Protection

Server Room & Data Center Protection

G.G. Defense Systems specializes, among other areas, in the design and execution of server room and data center protection against blasts, ballistic and forced-entry threats.

Protection of server rooms can be carried out using steel plates and / or other composite materials, which have been tested in live experiments, according to the force protection needs of the project and specifications of the building.

G.G. Defense Systems incorporates doors and windows that withstand the required potential threats, in addition to fortification of the walls.
Our company offers services that include: early characterization of the threats, preliminary survey of the structure, issuing of structural engineering reports and planning and execution of a variety of approved force protection solutions.

Our survey reports can include live ballistic tests from independent laboratories in Israel and around the world.

G.G. Defense Systems has extensive experience in the field, including planning and execution of complex projects for a variety of companies in Israel and around the world.

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