About us

About Us

G.G. Defense Systems Ltd., is a certified Israeli design build defense contractor (with ISO 9001:2015) that provides G.G Defense Systems Ltd. tailor-made solutions for complex protection applications, combining experience in force protection solutions and extensive knowledge of materials and technologies.

Founded in 2007, G.G Defense Systems offers custom-made solutions for various defense and HLS threats such as:

  • Blast mitigation (Up to 380 PSI*Msec)
  • Ballistic protection (EN-1522- Up to FB-7, STANAG-4569 Up to Level 5)
  • Forced entry threats (vandalism, crime, massive terrorist attack…)
  • Ramming Vehicle threats (7.5 ton truck at 50 Km/H)
  • EMP protection

Core Competencies

  • NBC filtration
  • Providing various tailor-made force protection solutions for buildings, infrastructures and other platforms: (blast, ballistics, forced entry)
  • Offering live-tested products using- full-size blast & ballistic testing.
  • Force protection engineering & project management services
  • NBC filtration
  • Turn-key projects worldwide

Our Range of Products and Solutions Comprises:

  • Force protection fenestration systems – windows, doors, curtain walls - (ballistic, blast, forced entry)
  • High level modular safe room (blast, ballistic, force entry)
    tailor-made underground safe rooms/ bunkers (NBC)
  • NBC filtration
  • Composite blast mitigating fabric (buildings, critical infrastructures, containers)
  • Energy-absorbing cable catch systems for windows and curtain walls (airports, government buildings)
  • Unique transparent armor of the highest levels (flat, curved)
  • Unique portable anti-ram barrier (live-tested and certified against 7.5ton trucks at 50 Km/h) – stadiums, sport events, governmental infrastructures.
  • Light composite armor (buildings, vehicles, aircrafts, marine vessels, containers…)
  • Military and civilian personal protective equipment
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Force protection consulting (blast, ballistic, force protection), survey reports.

Among our Clients

  • Israeli governmental offices
  • US Army - Corps of Engineers
  • NATO
  • Israeli Minister of Defense
  • Israeli parliament
  • Israeli and European Ministers of Foreign Affairs
  • Scandinavian governments
  • I.D.F. (Israel Defense Forces)
  • Embassies in Israel and abroad
  • Major banks and privately held companies worldwide
  • Worldwide oil and gas companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Major airports, sea ports, inland border crossing posts
  • Mining companies
  • Telecommunication companies

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