FP of existing windows and doors

Mechanical Anchoring System

  • The unique GGDS mechanical anchoring system is designed to provide a protective solution to blast exceeding 5 Psi (pressure) and 32 Psi*Msec (Impulse) in existing windows.
  • Above these blast levels, the protective window film is detached together with the glass pane from the window frame and thrown into the room.

The Solution:

  • GGDS mechanical anchoring system comprising GGDS 350-micron window film was live tested against a blast of 19.92 Psi (Reflected Pressure) and 92 Psi*Msec (Reflected Impulse) and conformed to a Performance condition level- 2 according to the GSA Test Protocol: GSA-TS01-2003 – Protection level very High, Hazard Level – None.

The Method:

  • The mechanical anchoring system embraces the 350-micron window film while being mechanically connected by screws to the curtain wall or to the window profile.
  • In this way, the protective coatings won’t be thrown into the room under blast, by spreading the energy and transferring it equally to the window profile. When requires, our company reinforces also the connection of the window profile itself to the building with special unique fasteners to avoid its collapse in higher blast level.

Protection Section:

  • GGDS mechanical anchoring system comprise 3 aluminum profiles that are powder coated to match the Ral color of the existing window in order to fit it esthetically.

Product Features:

  • Very high protection level (live-tested). GSA Test Protocol: GSA-TS01-2003 level 2
  • Highly aesthetic finish, blends very well with existing curtain walls and windows. Can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
  • Ideal for retrofit projects and for protecting historical buildings, airports, and governmental buildings.
  • Easy and quick Installation that does not interfere with building’s routine activities
  • Cost effective – about 1/5 of the price of new blast rated windows at the same protection level.
  • Installed in various governmental buildings in worldwide.

Cable Catcher System

G.G Defense System's unique Retrofit Cable Catcher System for windows enables the protection of existing windows in buildings against the highest blast hazards instigated by terrorist activities...

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