Anti Drone Protection

Drone Protection

G.G. Defense Systems offers unique solutions for protecting buildings and infrastructures against various mortar shells and rockets threats, including physical protection against suicide drones and / or drones with explosive charge - releasing capabilities.

Our company has a number of solutions that include steel and / or composite protective nets as well as proprietary armored steel plates and / or lightweight composite armor plates with stopping and / or detonating capabilities of suicide drones and mortar shells.

These solutions have been tested and approved in live experiments by the Israeli Defense Force Agencies .

Our company possesses test reports from independent testing labs for a variety of solutions against these threats as well as approvals from the relevant local defense authorities regarding the effectiveness of the various solutions.

Our unique Anti Drone Solution can be deployed  rapidly and replace heavy traditional concrete/ steel  solutions.

Main Markets:

  • Critical infrastructures (Gas, Oil, Electric Companies, Nuclear Power Plants)
  • Governmental buildings
  • Military installations
  • Air ports
  • Sea ports
  • Transportation terminals and stations

Product Benefits:

    • Rapid and relatively easy Installation
    • Lightweight compared to other available traditional and heavy  systems
    • Cost effective compared to other systems
    • Additional fragment protection (live tested)
    • Can be sent as a ready-for-installation kits.
    • Live  tested and approved by official Israeli MOD agencies.

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