Bullet Proof Panels

bullet proof panels

When it comes to non-transparent surfaces such as doors, walls, and counters, the best choice for reinforcing them is through bullet-resistant fiberglass panels. In situations of forced entry and even during active shooter attacks, the use of bullet-proof fiberglass panels can make a key difference.

But what about the transparent surfaces where it is important to retain functionality and visibility? For surfaces like this one, it is also important to fortify them without losing their functionality and visibility. For example, there would be no purpose in using glass in doors or windows if one can’t even see through them! The material used for surfaces like this is known as polycarbonate!

 Use of Bullet Proof Panels in Walls

Among the different methods of fortifying the walls, the most inexpensive and even convenient one is to use bullet-proof fiberglass panels. When we compare this material with other options such as steel, it becomes apparent that it is much easy to work with fiberglass panels. For starters, it can be cut on-site by using the proper tools and thus saves both time and money.

Once the panels have been cut to size, they can be placed on top of existing walls or even inside new walls. Once these panels have been installed in the walls, they can be concealed with paint or any other covering.

And if we talk about the installation of these panels, it is easy as well. Anyone who has experience in the installation of drywall can work with bulletproof fiberglass panels as well!

Bullet-Proof Panels For Glass Protection

There are some cases when the use of fiberglass panels is not appropriate, and one such example is glass. In cases like this, polycarbonate panels can be used as it offers the features such as:

  1. Feels and looks like any regular glass.
  2. It can be installed on top of any existing or new glass.
  3. Offers greater protection against forced entry and ammunition.
  4. It can withstand multiple bullets (depending on specification).
  5. Offers protection to the people inside a building.

One of the major benefits of polycarbonate panels is that it is clear and thus can be used on surfaces where visibility is important. On top of that, it can be retrofitted, and thus there is no need to change the appearance of the window as well!

Due to these apparent benefits, this material is ideal for any type of building where aesthetics and security are a concern! If we talk about the potential uses of polycarbonate panels, it includes office buildings, government buildings, retail stores, and so on. Basically, any place which requires protection against bullets or any other security threat can take advantage of the polycarbonate panels or fiberglass panels!

Materials used in Bullet-Proof Panels

Let’s take a quick look at the materials which are used in the manufacturing of bullet-proof panels:

  • Fiberglass – This one is an inexpensive yet highly durable material and can absorb energy through its multiple layers.
  • Steel – Another material that is commonly used is steel. Upon impact, steel can deform but effectively prevents any bullets from penetrating the building.
  • Polycarbonate – This is a transparent and strong material that can be used on transparent surfaces.
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