Ballistic Windows – Types and Benefits

ballistic proof windows

What are ballistic or bullet proof windows? It refers to the windows which utilize a special ballistic glass in them to prevent attacks by firearms. The special ballistic (bulletproof) glass doesn’t shatter when a bullet makes contact with it – On the other hand, normal glass can shatter to pieces upon impact & thus can endanger the security of the building.

Another danger of normal glass is that flying glass pieces can also harm people, kids, and even pets. A good quality ballistic window can easily stop multiple bullets and will not shatter into small pieces. Such windows are also reinforced with other materials to make sure that they offer full-spectrum security.

Benefits of Ballistic Windows

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of ballistic windows:

Injury Protection

The first and most important benefit is that these windows can prevent injuries from a gun attack. When a normal window is attacked with fire round, it will easily shatter the glass and thus endanger the lives of those living in the building.

But when the windows are secured with a cable catch system and ballistic glass, it can offer a reasonable degree of injury protection.

Asset Protection

Products such as ballistic rated doors and forced entry resistant doors can also offer asset protection. When a window or a door is attacked by a firearm, the basic aim is to damage the integrity of these structures. Once this happens, the attacker can easily gain access to the building through the damaged window or door.

But with a bullet proof window, it can continue to offer asset protection in case of repeated attacks.

Buying Time

Another benefit of these products is that after the first few shots are fired, it stays in place and continues to offer protection. This can slow down the attacker while allowing the people inside the building to escape to safety.

The end outcome of all security measures is to ensure that both the people and assets can be protected. And with a product such bullet proof doors or windows, that can be easily achieved!

Different Types of Ballistic Glass

One of the key components of a ballistic or bullet proof window is the ballistic glass. So let’s take a look at different types of ballistic glass:

Ballistic Window Film

These are thin films of several polyurethane layers that can be added on top of existing glazing. Although a ballistic window film may offer a certain degree of protection, you can’t trust this to stop a bullet!

Ballistic Glass

This is the commonly used and manufactured product used in bullet proof doors and windows. It is made from a material called polycarbonate which appears like glass and plastic. However, the ballistic glass strength is 250 times higher than that of ordinary glass.

It is also very common among manufacturers to add several polyurethane layers on top of the polycarbonate to enhance its protection.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is combined with resin interlayers or PVB so that it doesn’t shatter upon impact. This product can protect the occupants of a building from dangerous shards. But technically speaking, we can’t classify it as bullet resistant.

The lamination sheet can hold the glass pieces together after impact just like a car windshield. But when it comes to stopping a bullet from penetrating into a building, it is not the ideal choice!

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