How to Choose a Bullet Proof Door Manufacturer

ballistic proof doors

Are you looking for some information about bullet proof doors? Do you want to know the exact costs of getting bullet proof windows? Then you are on the right page as we will discuss all of these things today!

When it comes to the security of a building, there are two parts that are most vulnerable: Doors and Windows! Both of these things can provide easy access to the inside of a building. On top of that, these structures are also the most vulnerable in case of a flying bullet or a blast. When this happens, the only way to protect the building and its inhabitants is through blast mitigation!

Blast mitigation usually involves forced entry resistant doors, bullet proof windows, bullet proof doors, and even bullet proof walls.

Are Doors Really Bullet Proof?

Technically speaking, there is no such thing as 100% bulletproof windows or doors. A better term is bullet resistant doors or windows since these products can resist bullet attacks up to a certain extent.

The exact degree of offered protection will depend on the security of the door and the raw materials used in its production. Because when we talk about bullets, they come in all sizes, which means that one will also have to use the relevant product for full protection.

If we look at the approved standard in the security industry, a window or a door is considered bullet resistant if it has a rating of UL 752.

There are also security protocols in which the rating can be anywhere from Level 1 up to Level 10. Generally speaking, an increase in the rating means that the door or window can offer a higher degree of resistance.

And as the bullet resistance of a door and window increases, the price increases as well! One particular company is GG Defense Systems which specializes in ballistic protection, forced-entry protection, and blast mitigation.

Choosing a Bullet Proof Door Manufacturer

So what are the factors which can be used in choosing a bullet proof door manufacturer? The first thing to check is whether the manufacturer holds the required licenses from the government or relevant authorities or not!

The next part is to look at the security rating level of the bullet proof doors. A good manufacturer will clearly state the level (1-10) of their doors as well as what type of protection it can offer.

The next factor to look at is that the bullet proof doors must meet the relevant security standards. Right now, there are several standards for different countries and regions, such as the US standard, NATO standard, and the European standard. Most of these standards require a bullet proof protection level of 4 or 5 at the minimum.

Last but not least, also make sure that the products such as bullet proof doors are actually checked in a certified laboratory. When it comes to security, one can’t have the peace of mind without knowing whether the product they are using actually works or not! Earlier, we mentioned GG Defense Systems, which is one of those manufacturers which actually fulfill all of these factors!

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