Bullet Proof Windows

Bullet Proof Windows

G.G. Defense Systems specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of Bullet proof windows that are tested in live shooting tests both in Israel and abroad according to project requirements and different international standards.

Our company can provide a large variety of window types such as fixed, sliding, awning, tilt and more ...

The company's windows are tested and approved according to the highest ballistic levels in accordance with American standards (NIJ 010801 level IV), European (EN-1522 FB7, EN-1063 BR7) and NATO (STANAG-4569 Level 5).

The company's windows are made of unique steel and or aluminum profiles that include ballistic armor steel inserts that prevent bullet penetration from every possible angle in accordance with European and other international standards such as EN1522 FB-7, while maintaining a highly aesthetic appearance and maximum clear opening.

Tested and approved according to the highest ballistic protection levels in accordance with American standards (NIJ 010801 level IV), European (EN-1522 FB7, EN-1063 BR7) and NATO (STANAG-4569 Level 5).

Our company's bullet proof windows can also come in the form of a transaction window which includes a ballistic rated transaction document drawer of various types (fixed, sliding, recessed, etc...)

G.G. Defense Systems' bullet proof windows can be installed in openings in concrete walls or cement blocks (combined with a top-of-the-line ballistic rated light composite armor and / or armor steel panels to ensure full ballistic protection for the walls in the case of ballistic attacks).

G.G. Defense Systems ballistic rated windows can be integrated with protection from blast, ballistic and forced-entry combined attempts.
Our company has extensive experience in the incorporation of unique ballistic glass with maximum transparency and long life using unique transparent armor materials.

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