Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier

anti ram vehicle barrier

Anti-ram vehicle barrier offers protection against the threats arising from vehicles. Actually, the term is pretty self-explanatory in itself – It refers to a vehicle barrier that is able to withstand the impact or damage from a vehicle attack. Due to their effectiveness, these types of barriers are usually used in government facilities, embassies, borders, airports, and law enforcement buildings.

Furthermore, an anti-ram vehicle barrier can also be used in commercial or even residential areas since the main purpose behind these types of barriers is to avoid damage from ramming accidents. Due to this, it can also be used in storefronts and residential areas where there is a high chance of vehicle accidents.

Ram Raiding – Explained

If we look at the majority of car crashes into the buildings, it is usually the result of a driver losing control of the vehicle. However, there are also some cases when the vehicle crashing into a building is actually intentional – In these cases, the reason behind the ramming is very simple… The criminals usually ram their vehicles into the buildings to get access and then to quickly get away with the stolen goods.

Furthermore, ram-raiding can also be used by criminals to get access to a secure building and to quickly retreat away. In these instances, the only way to protect a building from such attacks is through anti-ram vehicle barriers, which can effectively stop any vehicle-born threats.

Benefits of Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier

Let’s look at the benefits of the anti-ram vehicle barrier:

Protection from Forced Entry

A wall or even a proper gate won’t do much good if it is rammed by a heavy or strong vehicle. To protect forced entry into important or secure locations, anti-ram vehicle barriers are the only viable choice! In fact, when these barriers are displayed in the public view, they are enough to deter any potential criminals or those wishing to gain access through forced entry.

These barriers are specially made to stop any incoming vehicle at the spot and thus prevent forced entry as well!

Protection from Damage

Since these barriers stop the incoming vehicles from crashing or ramming into the building structure, it also offers protection from any damage as well! Due to this benefit, it can be used in shop-fronts, industrial settings, houses, or any commercial building. Furthermore, the use of these barriers is also common in government and other important buildings!

Anti-Theft Protection

As mentioned earlier, car ramming into the buildings and stealing goods is also a common tactic employed by the criminals. But with anti-ram vehicle barriers, no car can crash into the shops or any important building!

Protection of Pedestrian Area

In many streets and pedestrian areas, vehicles are not allowed entry. But just because vehicles are not allowed doesn’t mean that everyone will follow the rules! That’s why anti-ram vehicle barriers are often used to protect the pedestrian areas from the incoming vehicles and thus can even save lives!

Final Thoughts

If we talk about the cost of anti-ram vehicle barriers, it can vary depending on its end-use application. A barrier which is going to be used to stop big vehicles will cost more than the one which will be used to stop small vehicles!

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